Circle A Ranch not only works tirelessly to identify profitable genetics in our own system, but to incorporate profitable genetics from other leading Wangus breeders as well. These bulls represent the great potential of the Wangus breed and their semen is offered to you to help improve the profitability of your own herd. We are selling our registered Angus semen for $5 a straw and registration certificates are $15 per straw. All semen is stored at ShowMe Genetics in Strafford, MO and will be released to buyer’s name after payment is received. The buyer is responsible for the payment of shipping of all semen purchased. We also have semen from some of our top quarter-blood and half-blood Wangus bulls for sale. For purchasing, contact Sarah at 708-334-5001 or

L-R Colt 45
Registration Number: 17635471 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: January 22, 2013
Owned With: Lonesome River Ranch, LLC – Anselmo, NE
Semen: $20

Connealy Right Answer 746
Sire: S/C Medicine Man 01Y7
Summitcrest Pridemere 16W9
Summitcrest Darth 1S37
Dam: Summitcrest Blizzard 0X62
Summitcrest Blizzard 3S89

Colt 45 is an outcross bull that combines a phenomenal EPD profile with a rugged, stout phenotype. His daughters are proving to be very functional and productive. His dam has a BW Ratio 2@94 and WW Ratio 2@117, we can’t wait to see both sons and daughters out of this bull.

Coleman Upward 2355
Registration Number: +17544735 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: September 1, 2012
Owned With: Coleman Angus – Charlo, MT
Semen: $20

Connealy Onward
Sire: Sitz Upward 307R
Sitz Henrietta Pride 8M
Wulffs Ext 6106
Dam: Coleman Donna 6143
KMK Dona J311

Upward 2355 is an outcross bull purchased because of his fleshing ability, sound structure and outstanding mother. His dam is a powerful cow that goes back to EXT and 6807. His EPD profile is outstanding and we will continue to use him in our own herd.

Photo of Sire: Hoover Dam

GW Certified 103 C
Registration Number: +17067746 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: January 4, 2011
Semen: $20

SydGen C C & &
Sire: Hoover Dam
Erica of Ellston C124
Vermilion Payweight J847
Dam: Basin Blackcap 1605
Basin Blackcap 925L

Certified is also a total outcross genetically to anything Circle A has ever used. We purchased him out of the Midland Bull Test in Montana where he was one of the highest overall indexing bulls and posted a gain ratio of 131. He’s a calving ease bull with a lot of growth, scrotal circumference and milk. Phenotypically he’s moderate, easy fleshing and made right, his daughters have done well for us in production.

Photo of Sire: S A V Resource 1441

Registration Number: 18029742 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Date of Birth: September 7, 2014
Semen: $15

Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075
Sire: S A V Resource 1441
SAV Blackcap May 4136
SS Objective T510 OT26
Circle A Beauty 6504

A growth and carcass bull that combines the muscle and power of Resource with the balanced EPD profile of Objective and then goes back to EXT.