circleAranch-106In 1991 the Dave Gust family established the Circle A Angus Ranch with two main goals:
1) produce the best possible genetics in the beef industry, and 2) provide service to customers in the best way possible. Ever since they have remained true to their motto,“Quality Beef is Our Business.” From its inception, Circle A has sought to acquire and develop the highest quality Angus seedstock available. They have then rapidly multiplied those genetics through extensive use of embryo transfers and artificial insemination.

As founders of the Angus Sire Alliance and partners with ABS Global, Circle A has aggressively tested the Angus breeds’ most promising genetics in their 7,000 head commercial herd and then rapidly multiplied the most profitable genetics in their high-quality registered herd. The result is exceptional registered cattle that have been tested in a real-world production environment for traits such as stayability, heifer pregnancy, tenderness, feed intake and average daily gain. Circle A’s early adoption and development of technology and extensive progeny testing has yielded a registered herd like no other in the country; cattle with an unparalleled ability to gain efficiently, produce a high-quality and valuable carcass and females that truly perform in a realistic setting.

1041-cleanedThe Circle A brand is recognized across the country and even around the world as a leader in the development of superior Angus genetics and for outstanding customer service and quality in everything they do. You can own a piece of these legendary genetics buy purchasing our Angus bulls in our sales the third Saturday’s of March and October, or by ordering semen from our Angus bulls.  We currently do not sell registered Angus females as we are continually growing and improving our registered herd to make more high-quality registered Angus bulls.