Before we started selling our Wangus heifers to our customers, we were known for selling bred Angus heifers in semiannual bull sales. Everyone says their sale heifers come from the heart of their program, at Circle A, we mean it! Our sale heifers are selected, developed and bred along with our replacements right up until the time they are selected to sell a couple weeks prior to sale time. We select the sale heifers based on pregnancy check results and inventory of our commercial cowherd. We have certain production goals related to number of head and time of calving, we choose the heifers we need to meet our production and sell the rest. Every single heifer offered is of the quality to be a replacement in our herd and very easily could have been.

002Our heifers are developed to meet the requirements of our commercial cowherd and designed with a high probability of becoming productive and profitable members of our cowherd. They are developed on fescue grass with optimal supplemental inputs for growth and development. We target an optimal body condition score that will provide them the greatest opportunity to effectively breed, calve and milk for the rest of their productive lives. They are backed by many generations of AI sires and of the exact same genetics as the Circle A Premium Bulls (CAPB) we market annually.

We offer our heifers in groups of five head with the option for buyers to roll consecutive lots (of the same production group). Our heifers are sorted by AI and natural service, due date and sex of calf. We know of nowhere else in the country where you can purchase heifers of this quality, in this volume, sorted in this manner. If you want to purchase high-quality heifers calving in a tight window and all carrying the same sex of calf, we have what you are looking for. We will have buyers purchase as few as five head at a sale, but often have buyers take from 50-100 head. The most refreshing news is that the vast majority of our heifer buyers are repeat buyers and once they have discovered the ease and quality of purchasing Circle A heifers, it becomes part of their production system.