Sire-AllianceIn 1996 Circle A Angus saw a need for the creation of a tool that would provide multi-trait genetic selection based on actual profitability. They developed the Angus Sire Alliance with the premise to measure both the costs and return of a sire’s progeny in a real-world commercial setting to help guide mating and selection based on actual profitability.

In its early stages, the Angus Sire Alliance was a membership-based organization including 51 progressive Angus breeders from around the United States interested in improving the profitability of beef genetics. On the forefront of carcass data collection and ultrasound usage, the Angus Sire Alliance aggressively collects feedlot and carcass data.

Missouri-Dec-2007-041Realizing the importance of feed efficiency to the overall profitability of beef production, in 1998 Circle A constructed a one of a kind research facility equipped with Calan gates to collect individual feed intake data. Simultaneously, by tracking daughter performance in a commercial setting, Circle A was able to develop EPDs for heifer pregnancy and cow stayability. By combining all this unique and proprietary data along with EPDs for tenderness, Circle A developed the most accurate profitability index the beef industry has ever seen.

Circle-A-Incentive-ABSIn 2000 and worlds leading semen distributor, ABS Global, recognized the value of Circle A’s work and began marketing the high profitability sires from the Angus Sire Alliance. By 2003, ABS and Circle A began an exclusive arrangement to test ABS’s most promising sires. Today, Circle A uses a Grow Safe system to measure individual feed intake on 200 head simultaneously. The years of intensive data collection has yielded a commercial herd highly selected for profitability and the most comprehensive set of EPDs and the best profitability indexes in the business.