The Gust Family – Founders and Owners
The founders and owners of Circle A Angus, Dave and Ruth Gust and their extended families hale from the Chicago area. The Gust, Lennon and Lembke families own and operate many businesses, all well known for their superior quality and outstanding customer service. Today, Dave and Ruth are able to dedicate much of their time to enjoying their grandchildren.

Headquarters – Iberia, MO
Iberia is the headquarters and home office of the entire Circle A system. Iberia is home to Circle A’s registered operations, heifer development, bull development and sale sight. The registered and commercial operations span over 10,000 acres in these Ozark hills. Dale Holtmeyer oversees all cattle operations at the Iberia location. Charlotte Moore handles the office management for the Commercial cattle and Trisha Kane oversees office management for the Registered operation. Marketing Manager, Nick Hammett, makes his home in Ashland, MO and spends much of his time on the road, but also has an office at the Headquarters.

Nick, Rebekah, Cole and Lauren Hammett

A crew of 3 full-time employees oversee the 800 head registered cowherd and development of over 500 bulls annually. They artificially inseminate everything at least one time per breeding season and aggressively use embryo transfer to rapidly multiply our best genetics.

Iberia’s commercial operation specializes in heifer development. All replacement and sale heifers are developed on the grass and rock hills near Iberia. These four guys oversee the development of nearly 2,000 bred heifers annually. Every heifer is AI bred and passes a number of checks before making her way into the herd or sale.

The farm crew is also based out of Iberia.  Clyde Fuchs and the rest of the crew travel to all three ranches as needed to plant, and harvest hay and crops. In all, Circle A plants about 2300 acres of row crops, mostly corn for silage or grain and wheat for silage, and puts up at least 75% of our own hay.

Bernie Neidert, Clyde Fuchs, Tyler Shreve

Circle A North
Located about 8 miles north of Huntsville, MO, the vast majority of Circle A North was acquired in the mid 1990’s.  Today, Circle A owns over 8,000 acres near Huntsville, of which 1,400 acres are tillable.  A crew of 5 guys headed by Rick Beard oversees the 2,300 mother cows.  They calve both in the spring and fall and use a combination of trucks and horses for their daily work.  Tina Russell manages the office at Circle A North.

Circle A Feeders
Located in the heart of Circle A North.  Circle A Feeders is a 5000 head feedlot under roof.  The cattle are bedded in saw dust, kept under fans and it is a truly remarkable operation.  More details can be found on this website under the “Circle A Feeders” tab.  The Feedlot is managed by Rick Beard and Hailee Rank, and the office is managed by Diana Pippin.

Circle A West
Located just south and west of Stockton, MO, the vast majority of Circle A West was acquired in the mid 1990’s.  Today, the ranch is over 7,000 acres and runs about 2300 cows.  Jason Locke is the Manager and has been with Circle A since 1996.  He oversees a 5 man crew, 3 dedicated to cattle and 2 primarily to crops.  They AI every cow at least once and calve both spring and fall.  Their topography and ranch set up are most conducive to working cattle horseback, which they do almost daily. Patty Mick oversees the office management at Circle A West.