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circleAranch-358 Circle A Ranch: Where Quality Beef is Our Business
In 1991 the Dave Gust family established Circle A and since then, we have made a name for ourselves by developing outstanding Angus genetics. The cattle industry has changed a lot since we first started and Circle A has adapted to those changes. We have shifted our focus from producing genetically superior registered cattle to producing high quality commercial cattle that we can sell for a premium once they have been finished in our feedlot.

Circle A is headquartered in Iberia, Missouri which is home to 10,000 acres and 3,500 head of cattle. Our second location in Huntsville, Missouri is home to 8,000 acres and another 2,500 head of cattle. Circle A Feeders, which is also located in Huntsville is a mile-long, fully roofed feedlot that can house up to 5,000 head of cattle at one time. Although we have changed our focus, we stay true our mission and continue to live up to our reputation of developing superior genetics and providing outstanding customer service in everything we do.

Value Added Guarantee
Circle A is the beef industry’s most trusted source for profitability tested genetics. We produce fast-growing, efficient-gaining feeders; productive, fertile females; stout bulls carrying profitability-tested genetics; and high-quality, tender beef. At Circle A Wangus Ranch, we run our cattle just like you do. Our exceptional cattle have been tested in a real-world production environment for traits such as stayability, heifer pregnancy, tenderness, feed intake and average daily gain.

At Circle A we continue to look for new opportunities to improve to go above and beyond the industry standard for quality beef and increase the percentage of Prime in our cattle that we feed out. Over a decade ago, we started implementing Wagyu genetics into our best female Angus cows in an attempt to increase the percentage Prime of the cattle we feed out of our feedlot. As a result, we have established a new breed of cattle that is genetically superior to either Angus or Waygu by themselves. Our Wangus cattle continue to grade 70-85% Prime and receive an extra $300 per head in premiums compared to their Angus counterparts.